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Professional Year

Professional Year

The Professional Year Program is particularly intended to address Australia’s skill deficiency in particular callings and perceived by the Department of Immigration and Border Protection. It improves employability of International graduates of Accounting, IT and Engineering fields and effective fulfillment gains those 5 points towards permanent residency in Australia.

Professional year applicant have following advantages:


There are program intakes every month. The dates change by course and providers.

Enrolement Eligibility Requirement


Weekdays and weekends classes are available for all the programs. So student must attend 1 class/week but the class timing varies from one provider to the other. Breaks during the program is not recommended but individual cases are best discussed with the course providers.

Fees For The Program


Providers exist in all states of Australia for this program. Student can select the provider based on the city preference.


It’s of 12 weeks on weekdays and minimum 3 days attendance is require in every week. Internship is not paid.

If student is working in related field then student can use their own company for internship. Student need to discuss this with their provider and get requisite approval. Student must need to complete internship within the agreed time frame. Student will not be permitted to withdraw or change to another internship. Failure to complete the approved/agreed internship will result in failure of your internship module and your graduation will be delayed.